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Private Internet Access

Personal page (KOLE) is a solution for a virtual private network (VPN) connection encrypts and anonymised. Information that travels through an Internet connection is encrypted so that no one else can read it. In addition, traffic is routed through different IP addresses, so that no one will determine where things come from.
Not only does it protect the anonymity of your Internet connection, it allows to get around blocks or firewalls to restrict access to certain sites on the Internet. Personal website is available as a desktop client for Windows, MAC, and Linux as well as phone software for Android and Apple’s IOS.

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Start with a personal connection to the Internet, you need to subscribe to the subscription. You can pay monthly on the month, or save money by subscribing for a long term package. Your license allows you to protect objects 5 at the same time so that you can provide protection at home, at school or at work. The use of this program is simple and straightforward; The interface is minimal and when it stopped running out of the way, so you can connect to it safely. It also includes a feature that blocks ads and pop-ups while you browse the Web. If you could prepare a location with an Internet connection, you can purchase a router that is installed before the software is required to run this VPN.

Good things in Cola VPN
A wide range of security features to place a good default for VPN clients. It offers a private DNS server, which prevents you from saying picking anything as far as your use of the Internet from your DNS requests. It also includes a function to change the kill; If the VPN is turned off abruptly, the kill switch will turn off the application that connects to the Internet. This feature means you can never send traffic to your site vulnerable to think it is encrypted. A sign of a good number of VPN Server works; Often and more fast connection servers. This network is one of the leaders of the Fund in the form of a number, although most are found in some parts of the world than others. Also maintain strict policies by logging any of their user information; In addition to PayPal and credit cards, KOLE also accepts payment in a safe format, including digital currency as Bitcoin, and even a gift card cafe.

Security fixed Reasonable prices
If you are looking for a simple use VPN solution that offers solid protection without compensation on each month, this is a good choice. Some people might not like the minimalism of the user interface – it can sometimes possibly forget that it is a VPN. Provides customization rather than some competing products

However, it provides enough control fine-tuning plus user needs. Personal Internet Access also includes mace, malware, trackers, and adblocker that cannot be turned off, although few users will see this as much of an obstacle. Its wide range of servers and security capabilities has been introduced means that this is a reliable alternative for users who want a fast, secure VPN and flexible interface.



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