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The Sims 2

(function () {(‘ study-application-site-desktop ‘);}); SIMS 2 is the second installment of one of the most popular simulation games. Players will have the opportunity to create and feed their own family and help them achieve their goals and well-rounded people.

Step into the world of The Sims 2 Thesz action took place in a Suburb that stereotype. Player start with a pilot that you can customize and develop according to the needs. After identifying their personality and their physicality pilot then you should build a House for him to get a job and social skills to develop a partner to start a family and a member of the community that comes in the Blink of an eye. It does all this take a lot of time and commitment and there are many dull moments as the pilot used instead of bedroom bathroom and get to see denied.

Are you a lover of Sims? SIMS 2 offers the player the world is more in depth and running and thriving creativity in healing infection germs on them and anyone who is a fan of sports simulation is sure to have hours of fun. It should be noted that it takes many hours to progress through The Sims 2 and it is not a game for people who like lots of action and adventure and they play this game.

Sims 3 bring the wonders of virtual life simulation on the device.

You need a private character (Sim) creates and then control all aspects of their lives make them happy and successful if (function () {(‘ study-application-site-desktop ‘);}); O nce I have match the appearance of your character, drop of the world the Sims 3. From here, you’re on your own. You should care (eating, sleeping, toilet, etc.), get a job, friends, and go shopping. From time to time your Sim the ‘ revolution ‘ that he or she would like to access will be (fishing, a rough estimate of under someone, etc) and should assist in this goal to make them more fun.

In the game The Sims 3 is fun and addictive, although the game does period of console and PC version of the game strategy. More furniture, clothes, work, as well as the ability of the child to increase the longevity of the Sims 3 for Android.

3D graphics in The Sims 3 is the color and management while they are roaming the cookie side shows. Side of the downside, navigation menus and select items are a little struggle.

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