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Robin Hood 2018

A war reinforced by Crusade and Commander Moorde Mount Audacious rebellion against a corrupt English crown of an exciting action-adventure. Packed with the brave battlefield uses, peace of mind choreography, and Timeless romance, Robin Hood never before seen the story of how Robin Hood became an icon and a legend when we met him today.

A war reinforced with the crusader and his commander Moorde Mount audacious rebellion against a corrupt English crown of fascinating action-adventure-packed courageous battlefield uses, frenetic fight choreography and timeless romance.

Director: Otto Bathurst Writers: Ben Chandler (screenplay), David James Kelly (screenplay)

War-hardened crusade, Robin of Loxley (Taron Egerton) and his Moorde commander (Jamie Foxx) mount the audacious revolution against the English crown.

After returning to England, the aristocrat, Loxley Robin, learned that the evil sheriff of Nottingham captured his family property. Soon the forces will unite with Friar Tuck and Little John-an angry Arab warrior who wants to stop the crusade. With the arrow and nicknamed Robin Hood, Loxley leads the band of repressed rebels with a daring plan to rob the sheriff of his money and take away his power.



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